Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jude Deveraux

Title : Enchanted Land
Author : Jude Deveraux

Condition : 10/10
Status : Sold to Mdm Agatha
Owner : Reseller

From The back Cover:

The Enchanted Land lay west of the bluegrass splendors of her Kentucky home, east of the gold dappled salons of San Francisco, beneath the star-spangled skies of New Mexico, and within the powerful and tender embrace of one man. Love had made Morgan Wakefield beautiful, for as Seth Colter's lips lit her heart afire, her tousled hair fell golden, her face blushed amber... and men could not live without her. From a Spaniard's captive to a land baron's wife, Morgan endures, for always she held in her heart the beloved caress of the man who defied a continent's dangers to possess her!